The much-anticipated 20-story SkyView Atlanta Ferris wheel, hailing from Paris, is scheduled to open on Tuesday, July 16 in Atlanta’s Centennial Park. It was constructed for the 1996 Summer Olympics. SkyView Atlanta was erected in Paris near the Louvre Museum before finding a temporary home in Pensacola, Fla. Now Atlantans and tourists have the pleasure of enjoying the attractive amusement and taxpayers don’t have to bear any burden. It’s a gift to the city from private investors and it will reside on private property. It’s anticipated that the revenue will be comparable to the London Eye, which attracts 3.75 million visitors a year.

It has 42 gondolas (including one VIP) that hold up to six people and offers stunning views during the nearly 15 minute ride – four revolutions.

Price Menu:
Adult – $13.50+tax ($14.45)
Senior – $12.15+tax ($13.00)
Military – $12.15+tax ($13.00)
Child – $8.50+tax ($9.10)
(Each Gondola must have an Adult riding with the children)

VIP and Group Pricing are separate.

SkyView Atlanta is located at 168 Luckie Street, NW, Atlanta, GA, 30303.