2015 CLS400 Coupe
2015 Mercedes-Benz CLS400 Coupe

Okay, so the 2015 CLS400 4-door Coupe in Cardinal Red with the show-stopping diamond-block Benz emblem grille, flashy full-LED headlamps, sexy AMG body styling and sweet 19-inch twin 5-spoke alloy wheels on the outside and soft black semi-aniline leather and black body ash wood trim on the inside was my ride for the week. And, suddenly, I had so many places to go. Showing off? Me? Never. (wink)

Previewing Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation was the first outing. And, like the Benz, it was so a winner. Love, love Rebecca Ferguson. Like, seriously, where did they find this badass? Only quibble: Did Mission Impossible feature the right car? Fantastic Four was no Mission Impossible. After that screening, a friend checked out all the premium goodness that is the 2015 CLS400. His warning:  Stay away from any trap-like settings Future would approve! Remember “Benz Friends” where Future insists to not give a [bleep] about a Benz? Sure, we believe you! After a private listening event for Vivian Green, another friend, who spied the CLS on social media, wanted to play Robin. Her verdict: way too low to the ground but pretty.

Valet looked too happy to see it at a press luncheon for comedic actor Brandon T. Jackson and, later, at one of his UPTOWN Comedy Corner shows. An outing with friends for sangria became a “how can I be down?” moment once valet rolled it out. The most fun: hanging with my teenage girl cousins from Chicago who loved, loved the ride inside and out. Yes it totally seats four comfortably.

Mercedes-Benz CLS400 CoupeBut it’s not all paradise. Something about grabbing the center console gear shifter is just so much sexier than shifting gears on the steering wheel. Stepping up to the Benz didn’t always open sesame either. Still it’s hard to go wrong with 329 horsies, a V-6 engine, 7-speed automatic transmission and a top speed of 131 mph. As a bonus, eco-mode assures more than decent gas mileage, with 30 highway and 20 city serving as totally plausible numbers. Safety features are on point too. Just let a car try and hit you! And it’s truly spacious with enough trunk space to hold three reasonably-sized luggage.

Of course it’s not cheap: the 2015 CLS400 Coupe starts at almost $66,000, with amenities like navigation, power-folding mirrors and WiFi included with the premium package, the surround view camera system in the parking assist package and pre-safe brake with pedestrian recognition in the driver assistance package, tallying up to just over $84,000.

Oh there’s a reason rappers prefer Benz the most in their rhymes!

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