W Chicago Lakeshore offers travelers star treatment

CHICAGO - APRIL 26: Hancock Tower, W Hotel and other buildings near Lake Michigan on April 26, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. The Hancock Tower has USA's highest indoor swimming pool on the 44th floor. (Photo credit: Ffooter / Shutterstock.com)
CHICAGO - APRIL 26: Hancock Tower, W Hotel and other buildings near Lake Michigan on April 26, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. The Hancock Tower has USA's highest indoor swimming pool on the 44th floor. (Photo credit: Ffooter / Shutterstock.com)

As you step inside the W Chicago Lakeshore hotel, the black-and-white motif peaked my interest in seeing more. The W Chicago Lakeshore hotel is filled with beautiful plants. Nestled in the coastal city, near Lake Michigan, it's reminiscent of Italy and seaside towns near the Mediterranean.

The marble floor boasts of streaks of gray and black and leads you around this palatial venue that has the architecture of a church. Meyer Davis Design didn’t miss a beat when they unveiled the $38 million renovation last summer. Ahh! So European.

You simply can’t ignore the sounds streaming from the DJ’s tracks curated to spur you to move energetically. There are moments when you feel quite Parisian and as if you’re walking a fashion runway. Tummys in, chests out … your posture changes as does your swagger and sway as you feel your inner celebrity come forth. Even the most ordinary understand that this something special taking place in the environment.

The décor is so charming. The white glows. The gray and black ooze status and power.

Photo by Steed Media Service
Photo by Steed Media Service

Upon opening the door and walking through having walked through a black, totally black hallway one will see more chrome and more black conveyed in an artistic manner. The chandelier will be clear with the chrome base. And the walls and the comforter will once again reunite the attitude of success and design and a special moment in the bedroom. This is continued throughout the dining room at the W it continues throughout the entire field walk-through steel can be felt.

That is a classic field that doesn’t delve into necessarily a ’60s or ’70s vibe, but instead uses the presence of color simplistically to elongate the value of the color, which ranges from grays to black silvers, to grays almost black to purple hues that are found within the room.

The W Lakeshore is classic. From top to bottom but it isn’t edge of classic that robot requires an interpretation of cool and I do request for balance and understanding of it that’s action taking place. Not boring and still but with movement inside the wallpaper that can be seen. Everything is giving directions heading someplace, whether it is the marble in the floor the movement of the walls the placement of the chandeliers leading toward the beautiful view looking outside at the lake Lake Michigan.

The W Chicago Lakeshore is an exhibition of classic monotones that are crisp, cool and relaxing.

W Chicago Lakeshore hotel is the perfect place for beach, fireworks and Lake Michigan

W Chicago Lakeshore
Photos by Munson Steed for Steed Media Service

The W Chicago - Lakeshore underwent a $38 million makeover, and it's the best restyle effort to date in the area. The only Chicago hotel overlooking Lake Michigan, it's complete with all the amenities sophisticated travelers desire. From the very moment you walk in the lobby's atrium, it's cool factor flows through your veins.

For those families who thought they were just going to the local hotel when they booked the Lakeshore property, they realize they are steps from iconic attractions like Navy Pier and The Magnificent Mile. There's nothing ordinary or boring about this hotel. Spray-painted bottles adorn the walls, the marble floors are illustrious, notable jazz and house music are jumping through the speakers.

Check-in is easy. And there's a silver tray filled with Granny Smith apples for the famished traveler who needs something to nosh on before their dinner reservation at Current.

The colors, decor and magnetism at this high style hotel define the mood and is just what the soul seeking respite needs. Agua? You have so many choices: the over-the-lake fireworks display at the beautiful Navy Pier, the beautiful beach, and the seventh floor pool. There's nothing like a great stay and customer service to match. The staff from the bar to the rooms are there to serve.

There seems to be some synergistic relationship between this hotel and the city. For the romantic, it is the ideal accommodation. The ambiance is one that compels the poet to pen a special love letter, the writer to conclude his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, and the romantics to cuddle.