Men's style tips from Raheem Nelson and 'Dandy In the Bronx,' Diego Leon


Diego Leon is fashion blogger Dandy In the Bronx and he and fellow "dandy" and artist Raheem Nelson offered some advice for young men looking to step their style up a bit. Leon says that he loves high fashion, but advises guys to discover whatever style works for them.

"If this is your style, people will respect it," Leon explains. "I'm from the Bronx, and we have a mix of styles. If you're wearing a hoodie or a fitted cap and you're feeling 100% in that, more power to you. But I wnat that power right back."

Both Leon and Nelson advise fashion fans to focus on suits first and foremost.

"For someone starting out, I know you have that one suit," says Leon. "Get it tailored. You can get a suit that you bought at Macy's and take it to get tailored and it will look like a thousand books. And borrow grandpa or dad's clothes and get them tailored as well."

"I enjoy wearing a suit because it's like another artform for me," adds Nelson. "I approach like any discipline."

"Start with your basics: get your black, get your grey/charcoal and get your navy. Accessories? Keep it simple to start."

"Dressing this way has shown me a lot in terms of how poeple treat you. We say 'you can't judge a book by it's cover,' but sadly, that's not true," says Leon. "People judge you based on the way you look. Since you have control of that, you might as well offer the best presentation of yourself. Putting on a suit, with a flower and a tie, raises my confidences level."

"I used to just dress like this if I had a meeting with a client," shares Nelson. "But I think just doing this regularly, I feel great about myself. And you do notice that you're treated differently if you're wearing a nice, tailored suit."


Angela Simmons: Sexy. Savvy. Successful.

What you see is what you get. At least, that was the overwhelming sentiment in the aftermath of rolling out’s exclusive photo shoot and interview with Angela Simmons. Poised beyond her years, Simmons walked into our Manhattan photo studio, and immediately made herself at home, both literally and emotionally, with the staff.

She kicked off her shoes, popped open her laptop, vibed to our Pandora playlist, and cracked jokes like we had all been friends for years.

It wasn’t the type of shoot that we were necessarily expecting, but again; what you see is what you get with her.

For years, what we’ve “gotten” from Simmons is a young woman who was comfortable in her skin … whether that meant stripping down and posing for a PETA ad, sharing her personal moments with social media, or more recently, holding court as a host on BET’s “106 & Park.”

No matter the scenario, Simmons always appeared to be at ease, and ultimately satisfied with the woman that she’s growing into. Now 25, Simmons is embarking on her own journey of self-discovery, and she’s intent on making an indelible mark on the world as an entrepreneur, as a designer, and also as a philanthropist.

And, if the impression that she left on us — after only six hours — is any indication of her ability to make a positive impact on the world, then Simmons is well on her way to achieving that end goal.

Simmons opened up to rolling out and officially introduced us to Angela:

"There comes a point in your life where you just evolve, and that’s where I’m at right now. This is me. I’ve just grown into this person. I always get people asking me if it’s a lot of pressure being a role model, or is there a lot of pressure because I come from this family, or that my dad is a reverend … and you know what, it is, but at the same time, I am who I am. I’m not faking it."

"For me, I lean on God for everything. I have an amazing family, and I have God, so those are my backbones. So if I’m having any trouble, that’s where I go, or I simply sit down and write in my diary. But I always end up going back to God and to my family."

Brown bombshell actress Nadine Ellis covers 'rolling out' magazine

Nadine Ellis, co-star on the BET series “Let’s Stay Together,” who also sits alongside Idris Elba in the sleek new Toyota Avalon commercial series, is rolling out's May 23 cover feature. Her glam team includes makeup artist Jeremy Dell and wardrobe stylist Faheem Mills.

Here's her video interview with celebrity photojournalist DeWayne Rogers.

To read the cover feature in it's entirety, visit

Grace Jones at the Grammys

Grace Jones and the late Rick James were co-presenters for the "Best Male R&B Artist" category at the 1982 Grammy Awards. After her runway-esque swirl to the microphone, topped only by the sexually charged banter with James, Grace Jones had the attention of every viewer while sporting a hat resembling an umbrella’s frame anchored by her most blinding smile. Even winner Marvin Gaye had a nano-second’s pause when approaching the podium helmed by the tall, lithe Grace Jones. Gaye’s winning song was the apropos "Sexual Healing."


Thirty years ago, the gangly model from the West Indies set New York on fire. Grace Jones scorched to the ground every fashion house whose door she darkened. The camera loved her features as each fashion layout revealed yet another something new to study about bone structure. Sometimes irreverent, she was immediately an A-lister who didn’t give a damn about any list. Grace Jones exuded confidence, dramatic poise, and was a shameless heartbreaker. The tabloid rumor mills had Eddie Murphy, Rick James, Dolph Lungren and most men within a mile of Studio 54 scorched in her wake. Icons are anything but static.

There was little surprise when she segued into a singing and acting career. Even adding those occupations to her modeling resume seemed fruitless in containing her. Was it that her personality was just that big? Or, was it her talent? (We will back away from that one and let you decide. Talk amongst yourselves.) A songwriter and vocalist, Grace Jones was a precursor to the Cirque de Soleil-type of showmanship that is the live show standard today. But, what really solidified the Grace Jones experience were her mod fashions. Even skirts had angles to parallel her haircut. Getting next to her could get you stabbed by her jacket, dress or hat. Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj are really neat. But, until they are Bond girls or Bond villains, they are just taking notes in school because Grace Jones already handled that.

Victor Cruz in GQ

The Super Bowl champ shows off his “winning stripes” in the latest issue of GQ magazine. As part of the publication’s “NFL Kick-Off” issue, Cruz shot a fashion editorial centered around this season’s pinstripe suits. Cruz took to the streets of New York in designer duds from Etro, Ralph Lauren, J. Lindeberg, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein and Canali. The threads were paired with sporty accessories, including a baseball cap from Cruz’s own clothing line, Young Whales.

Diary of Rwanda

Monaco-based jeweler Gaia Repossi and model Anouck Lepère have joined forces to benefit the children of Rwanda, whose plight Lepère saw firsthand when she visited the country two years ago. She and Repossi commissioned Rwandan villagers to braid rope for bracelets, cuffs, and armbands, which Repossi then embellishes with silver and gold chains. The pieces will be available at Colette this summer and more venues in the future. And to hear the ladies talk about it, it seems like the collaboration may not be the last. NOWNESS photographer Dana Lixenberg traveled with the team and captured the beautiful people and fashion in Rwanda.

Fashion Guru Dapper Dan Talks Harlem Fashion


Harlem fashion guru Dapper Dan spoke with Jay-Z's Life+Times alongside former Rucker player and childhood friend, Pee Wee Kirkland. They spoke on Harlem’s history and its influence on their style in the 80s and styled celebrities such as Mike Tyson, Eric B. & Rakim and more. He discusses his recent work with Floyd Mayweather Jr., his childhood growing up in Harlem, how he got into fashion, and more. This is Dan's first interview in twenty years.

Solange Covers South Africa's Elle Magazine

During Solange’s stay in Cape Town, she filmed the “Losing You” video and also landed the cover of Elle South Africa. Solo’s all about brights so no surprise that she went with colorful outfits. According to Asanda Sizani, the mag’s fashion editor:

She teamed brights, prints and different textures, and wore clothes by South African designers. I love the cover – it’s my favourite one of the year. The yellow background is perfect for her sunny personality. This was a big fashion coup for us, and I am proud to be part of the ELLE team.

Oprah in Bazaar Magazine

Terry Richardson strikes again. The infamous hipster photographer snapped Oprah Winfrey for the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar, in which the queen of talk sported a red Jil Sander coat, a trim white Escada suit, and lots of Cartier and Harry Winston diamonds. Oprah is looking better than ever. In her interview with the magazine she opens up about her decision to start OWN, living her best life, her guilty pleasures, greatest indulgence, and more.

Rob Evans


Rob Evans

Judge, top model, and former boxer 


Rob Evans was born in 1988, in Oxford, United Kingdom, is British boxer turned model, most notably known for his work with "Givenchy" for the Spring 2011 season.When Evans was discovered in 2010, the last thing he was thinking about was modeling. Many have tried but we really haven't had a black male model stir up a buzz since the legendary Tyson Beckford. So far modeling has allowed Evans to walk in shows in Paris and in the 2011 NY fashion week had designers scrambling to include his stunning presense in their runway shows. Photographers have been breaking necks to get the opportunity to capture him in front of their lens.