A Look Inside Diddy’s $8.5 Million Dollar Home

Diddy has listed his 66th floor Midtown West apartment at The Park Imperial for $8.5 million. Photos of the apartment were held in privacy until yesterday. That’s when Prudential Douglas Elliman finally posted multiple pictures showing every room of this unique apartment. First thing that takes the attention is a large Notorious B.I.G. painting hanging in the living room. Besides that it’s very obvious that the apartment was meant for entertaining. Countless couches, a piano, world class sound system, super large TV’s and a cocktail bar let you know that this apartment belongs to someone who likes to party. The highlight might be the breathtaking views of Central Park presented by floor-to-ceiling windows and a telescope.



A Moment With Karen Hudson

Karen Hudson is the granddaughter of famed architect Paul R. Williams and director of his archives. She has been chronicling the African-American experience in Los Angeles through her writings and photographs. Hudson documents a veritable gold-mine of history within the annals of her grandfather's achievements. Hobnob Drive catches up with Karen Hudson to discuss her grandfather's legacy and her own writing.

What was it like to know that you were a part of greatness?
Don't know that I ever grew up thinking we were part of "greatness," he was simply, and most importantly, our grandfather.

What is the immediate impact of this book?
A renewed interest in the life and work of Paul Williams.

What did you find that made you say I must do this soon? With the first book (1993), it was an urgency to share his story before the buildings were lost and he was forgotten, and the feeling of "if I don't do it, who will?" This time around it was more a matter of honoring his residential legacy, but once again I felt, "if not me, who?"

When you visit these great treasures how do you feel?
Without a doubt, each and every time I enter a Paul Williams home, or commercial building, I feel the understated elegance that so embodied the spirit of his designs. I particularly chose the cover image because I wanted people to look at it and say, "a black man did this in 1926!"

What voice do you hear as you turn the pages of such wonderful creative genius?
A gentle voice, constantly reminding me of the challenges he faced, and overcame, with such grace. There is no way to think you are having a "bad day" when you look at all he accomplished against all odds.

What about La make the a fairy tale?
LA was a land of open fields and the promise of greater things in the west--so he didn't have to tear down buildings to create his masterpieces. He was born in LA in 1894, grew up in an integrated neighborhood, and learned to respect the talents and gifts of everyone.

There is a magic of LA that can be seen in these photos why?
Because LA is magical, and he brought that to life.

What is the most special thing anyone has said about you new book?
"This is such an incredible gift you've given to your grandfather, I want to buy 10 books and send them as gifts to inspire young people." My response is always the same--while in the beginning I naively believed this was my gift to my grandparents, it has always been no less than his gift to me."

What would your grand father be doing now?
If he were alive and well, he'd be creating masterpieces the world over.

Young creative types should take away what when they read and see this body of work?
To use your imagination for creative problem solving--just as my grandfather learned to draw upside down to combat racial restrictions of his day.

How did you feel once you finished the book?

Why did stars identify with your grand father?
I think there was a mutual admiration and respect for creative brilliance.

What did you find out while writing this book that changed your life?
That everyone, every family, has a story to tell, and I'd like to help tell them.

What did you find out about your grandfather that you did not know?
It wasn't news to me, after having done two other books on him, but I continue to be amazed by his unparalleled attention to detail.

Who will you introduce us to when we read this book?
Paul Revere Williams, a gentle man with a dream.

How would you describe his creative process?
Not a clue, but he never stopped thinking, creating. He was constantly making notes, scribbling designs, and meeting with clients to understand their needs and desires. Unlike a Frank Lloyd Wright who designed something brilliant and you either bought into it or not--PRW believed that his worth as an architect was determined by his ability to listen to his client and make them happy.

Maruma House By Fernanda Canales

In a city with almost 20 million inhabitants, the project became a way to explore the fiction of individuality as well as to deal with disguised luxury.blocks of glass and concrete overlap one another at this house in Mexico City by architect Fernanda Canales. Glazed walls have been positioned on the longer side elevations rather than at the front and back to screen the interior spaces from neighbouring properties and the adjacent street. Concrete walls behind the glazed parts of the exterior conceal the kitchen on the ground floor, as well as bathrooms and dressing rooms on the two stories above.


Swarovski Inspired Furniture

Eyal Burstein’s thought provoking conceptual work for Design Miami/Basel stands out for its ability to shed new light on the divide between design and art. The collection features a Plexiglass bench, along with three cast-concrete and metal chairs. All design pieces, part of which are handmade art and part machine product design, have been greatly influenced by the classic Swarovski Chaton-cut crystal’s shape.

Burstein's states, “Working with Swarovski Crystal Palace has provided new horizons for me to explore and has been a fertile ground for a free flow of ideas. In creating Beta I’ve had the opportunity to continue challenging the bureaucracy that distinguishes between art and design, compromising the opportunities for innovation."

Pharrell Williams Miami Penthouse

Topped by a frosted-glass dome, the empyrean apartment floats 40 stories above Miami. A huge room rises the full three levels of the space, which pivots around a white spiral staircase. Bold contemporary art lines the walls, and sybaritic delights—an outdoor pool overhung with an improbable vine-covered trellis, a supersize purple crocodile Hermès bag can be found at every turn.  Though the penthouse bears all the hallmarks of an MTV Cribs pleasure palace, ripe for louche and Lucullan delights, Williams eschews the kind of bacchanals endemic to the music business.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Malibu Mansion

 The 25,000sq ft house has been designed with no 'dead end to create an infinite cycle that represented Will and Jada's love. Designed by architect Stephen Samuelson, the home includes a plethora of hand-crafted elements, an intimate and bespoke feel. And Samuelson reveals the sprawling pad takes inspiration from various cultures, from Persian, Moroccan and Spanish to Southwest America.