Dustin Brown
(Photo credit: lev radin / Shutterstock.com)

A writer in the U.K., who will remain nameless and as you continue to read this post you will understand why, has implied that Dustin Brown’s locs are in some manner prohibitive.

“Dustin Brown – imagine him without the dreadlocks,” she titles her feature. She opens with, “Yes the German tennis player and new star of Wimbledon is attractive, but let’s consider some other important matters…” Stop! Hold up. Wait a minute. While the writer complimented him for his obvious good looks, “deep brown eyes” and “boyish grin,” she had the gall to pontificate “how fast would he be without all those dreadlocks?”

As I searched for scientific evidence to prove that his hair style is a disability, nothing came up. Let’s face it. At Wimbledon last week, he beat No. 10 seed Rafael Nadal, who wears a short haircut. The Jamaican-German who ranks 102 made headlines and so did his dreadlocks.

During the middle of the match when he outpaced Nadal, locs flowing, he had 41K Twitter fans of his @DreddyTennis account. At the time of this writing, he has 71K.

His Twitter handle indicates his loc pride and to suggest he cut those lucky charms, is outlandish. Lady Gaga, who rocked rainbow dreadlocks and matching leg warmers during her 2014 world tour, artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball Tour, knows how wonderful they are. 

Teacups and Tentacles has made a business of customizing synthetic dreadlocks of varying lengths and colors. Dustin Brown’s are homegrown, au naturel.

It’s actually fun to watch Brown, 30, engage his opponents with his double-handed backhand shots. His dangling and dancing dreadlocks just add to the theatrics.