We (Permanently) Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Hollywood is not the exclusive club that it once was. This can be credited to the talents and good business sense that a variety of cultures bring to the table. To appeal to a multicultural audience,  programming must reflect the changing demographics. African American actors, writers, directors and producers have proven their unlimited capabilities and value in a number of mediums in Hollywood, and to some extent – you could say that we’ve taken over.

A quick look at the top-rated television shows and highest grossing movies will uncover the valuable contributions that blacks are making on an ongoing and consistent basis. Love them or hate them, who hasn’t chuckled at the antics of Madea, a Tyler Perry creation? Perry, who rose from homelessness to the Hollywood success, has produced a series of movies around the rambunctious and outspoken character – that he, himself actually plays. Though his work has often been the subject of dispute among people of color – whose opinions run the gamut from buffoonery to comic genius – Perry has not slowed down, and neither have his box-office takes.

The beautiful Mara Brock Akil is another prolific black talent in the movies and television production arena. Mara boasts of several highly-rated television shows to her credit as a producer; she was a creator and producer for the hit TV shows “Girlfriends” and “The Game,” working alongside Kelsey Grammer. Mara started her career as a writer for the Fox series “South Central.” She later wrote for “Moesha,” the popular show starring singer Brandy. Later, she would become a supervising producer and writer for ‘The Jamie Foxx Show.” –mark anderson