Image Courtesy of Joseph Chopin
Image Courtesy of Joseph Chopin

Our role models in the film and entertainment industry have done a unique job in enticing me for my entire life by creating an everlasting curiosity about the movie business that has not yet died in my spirit. I hope that I will love film as much as I do today, forever. When I see a young man or a young woman who desires to be in the film industry, and they are going through “the unknown” phase in their personal life, I see and understand their desire to create a world different than the one they are in. It is this desire that inspires me to create. The desire of trying to get back into the world I created for myself is a very difficult, says Joseph Michael Chopin, a movie producer. “Most of my life I have grown up in Benton Harbor, Michigan.”

“I have lived in Benton Harbor, Michigan for over the last 10 years of my life, and although it is awesome to live right next to Lake Michigan, and the summers here are beautiful, the actual city of Benton Harbor does not go through very many changes annually like cities such as Chicago, which stands directly across the lake. Because of the low activity level here in Benton Harbor, I decided to use my resources to create my company 99 Years Studios, LLC. When I was 13, my mother moved me and my two brothers to Benton Harbor Michigan from Queens, NY. At the time, she was working on her doctoral degree in Psychology at the University of Andrews in Berrien Springs Michigan. At that age I knew clearly that I wanted to be a movie producer because of my love for movies like Free Willy and Casper The Friendly Ghost.”

On what’s important for him to capture when he’s behind the camera…

“I enjoy capturing moments that are unscripted. Sometimes I will keep the camera rolling between takes to try and catch little moments of love, laughter, tears or hatred from a subject. I enjoy working with people that have never acted before, or that have no desire to be an actor at all – I have practiced this quite a bit throughout my career because of the awkward feeling the person gives off on camera – It is almost like the person is trying to do it right, but does not really know if they are going to succeed or not.”

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