During a December photo shoot with celebrity photojournalist DeWayne Rogers at his home in Woodland Hills, Calif., actor Brian White didn’t mince words. The one topic that really caused his passion meter to spike was when the conversation switch to the portrayal of blacks in Hollywood. He was even unafraid to take rolling out and other urban publications to task for their coverage.

“We have so many incredible stories that are happening, and that are not being told,” he pointedly stated. “Why aren’t more people talking about talented actors like Nicole Beharie and Michael B. Jordan? These are phenomenally talented people, who deserve our attention, and they only scratch the surface. Our magazines can’t be scared to break new artists, and cover those who are on the verge of greatness. That’s what needs to be put in the forefront — that’s what needs to be talked about, instead of recycling the same people over and over again. We need to show the world that our talent base is deep, and full of both incredible people and great stories that deserve to be heard,” he commands.

Interview and Images by: DeWayne Rogers
Styled by:Victor Michel
Grooming by:Jazzmene Ellison
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