Diego Leon is fashion blogger Dandy In the Bronx and he and fellow “dandy” and artist Raheem Nelson offered some advice for young men looking to step their style up a bit. Leon says that he loves high fashion, but advises guys to discover whatever style works for them.

“If this is your style, people will respect it,” Leon explains. “I’m from the Bronx, and we have a mix of styles. If you’re wearing a hoodie or a fitted cap and you’re feeling 100% in that, more power to you. But I wnat that power right back.”

Both Leon and Nelson advise fashion fans to focus on suits first and foremost.

“For someone starting out, I know you have that one suit,” says Leon. “Get it tailored. You can get a suit that you bought at Macy’s and take it to get tailored and it will look like a thousand books. And borrow grandpa or dad’s clothes and get them tailored as well.”

“I enjoy wearing a suit because it’s like another artform for me,” adds Nelson. “I approach like any discipline.”

“Start with your basics: get your black, get your grey/charcoal and get your navy. Accessories? Keep it simple to start.”

“Dressing this way has shown me a lot in terms of how poeple treat you. We say ‘you can’t judge a book by it’s cover,’ but sadly, that’s not true,” says Leon. “People judge you based on the way you look. Since you have control of that, you might as well offer the best presentation of yourself. Putting on a suit, with a flower and a tie, raises my confidences level.”

“I used to just dress like this if I had a meeting with a client,” shares Nelson. “But I think just doing this regularly, I feel great about myself. And you do notice that you’re treated differently if you’re wearing a nice, tailored suit.”