In the latest edition of rolling out, entrepreneur and reality star Cynthia Bailey talks about family, fashion and and having fun. Celebrity photographer DeWayne Rogers deserves a hand for his most recent photo shoot with the former model.

During the interview, she shares:

I am the hardest working woman in show business [laughs]. I’ve been working since I’ve been old enough to work. I set goals for myself that I want to achieve and willing to put in the work and sacrifices.

There are so many layers to me. I can be a “rocker chick” one day and Revlon the next. There are a lot of different layers when it comes to me. I try to show all of them because it shows who I am.

Traveling is my passion. I love South Africa. I love Australia. You know, I get to see a lot of places through my modeling career. I love Paris, of course. I love the Caribbean, I love Angola. I could never just name just one. I got to travel early on in high school because of my modeling career. Traveling is the only thing I love doing in my spare time when I am not working or on the show or working with my school.

The first place I ever went to abroad was Paris. Paris had an impact on me when I lived there. I got the opportunity to be in another country and to try different foods, another language, and also to see how blessed I am to be an American…