Josephine Baker paved the way for several of today’s Black bloggers who have migrated to Paris.

Josephine Baker opened the pathway to France for several African American bloggers.

Baker, (1906–1975), a talented performer and civil rights activist who adopted children of various races, was born in St. Louis, Mo., but spent her adult life performing in Paris, where blacks excelled. She married twice, and became a full French citizen.

Today, bloggers have illustrated that they can hardly resist the romance, riches, fine arts, seductive language and, of course, the fashion that Paris offers. Check them out.



African American Bloggers in Paris: Atlanta native Patricia Laplante-Collins

Meet and mingle in Paris with Patricia Laplante-Collins, hostess of and resident of Paris for more than 26 years. The Atlanta native worked in New York as an ad executive where she regularly traveled to Europe. Still, Paris was whispering her name, and thankfully, Collins had a colleague in the country to help her with the transition. “Although I had a fascination with Paris … having that contact was a decisive factor for me coming here.”

Paris Soirees meet twice a week where guests experience cocktails and a guest speaker.

Deux. African American Bloggers in Paris: New York native Jennifer Pauline

One of the most intimate and beautiful blogs about the Parisian experience comes from freelance fashion writer Jennifer Pauline, who landed in Paris by way of New York a few years ago.

    “Just like myself, Josephine Baker was a black girl in Paris (yet, that was over 50 years ago) and she fell in love with Paris just like I did. …While she came to Paris to escape the racism in the States and I came to Paris to find my joie de vivre and a new peace of mind, we both fell in love with this city and the country of France and our love is just the same.”


Trois. African American Bloggers in Paris: Julia Browne

Julia Browne is owner of the Walking the Spirit Tours of Black Paris a tour of Paris’ Black history. Browne studied with the late Sorbonne professor Michel Fabre, and has been “following the footsteps of black ghosts in Paris” since 1994. Walking the Spirit Tours 519.497-0933