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Chanel Iman: From Runway To Stripper Pole

Chanel Iman shows off her new hobby to the world. Luckily when the leggy beauty revealed to photographer Dusan Reljin that she recently took up pole dancing, he and his wife had the good sense to capture Chanel’s new hobby on film for NOWNESS. Showing off her super sexy pole dancing skills there’s more stripping, glitter, and rock ‘n roll in these 2 minutes than in a runway show by The Blonds. The video was very fun and artsy.


Kahlil Joseph directs "Until the Quiet Comes"

An extraordinary, disturbing, beautiful short film, set to the music of Flying Lotus’s new album Until The Quiet Comes, by the startlingly talented director Kahlil Joseph. It’s a bit morbid, and features some kind of life after death-type experience toward the end, yet, people seem to be unresponsive to the action the camera is filming.

The film features clips from three tracks from the album, is an unique and wholly poetic vision. It's an interesting flick, and we're loving the new music from Flying Lotus. The new album 'Until The Quiet Comes' is released on October 1st/2nd on Warp.

Muhammad Alis Dream with Yasiin Bey and Niels Shoe Meulman

Louis Vuitton pays tribute to Muhammad Ali with the digital experience The Greatest Words. In continuation of the tribute to the G.O.A.T, by Louis Vuitton, the luxury French designer tapped Yasiin Bey and calligrapher Niels Shoe Meulman offer up their interpretation on the word “Life” as spoken by Muhammad Ali. The clips evoke the dramatic power of the young heavyweight everyone remembers.

Versailles ’73: American Runway Revolution

First-time filmmaker and Atlanta resident, Deborah Riley Draper has created an incredible stir with her documentary Versailles ’73: American Runway Revolution.

The film documents the now legendary battle between French and American haute couture designers at the Chateau de Versailles on November 28, 1973. The American contingent relied heavily on Black fashion models for the first time ever and the beauty, poise and attitude of these women turned the tide for the U.S, turning the fashion world on its ear.

This is an excellent story, and Ms. Draper tells it clearly and stylishly, teasing out the interesting angles and repercussions. She gives you all the backstage drama and one-upmanship of “let’s put on a show,” building to the appropriate climax: the big night.

Idris Elba: How Clubbing Changed the World


The actor and DJ explores the development of dance music culture and charts its journey from underground movement to a multibillion business, revealing how British night-clubbing has transformed the nation and influenced societies worldwide.This story goes beyond the music to look at clubbing's influence on everything from real estate to drug use, fashion, politics and the drinks industry. He not only narrated the documentary, he is the executive producer.

Elba talks with music legions suck as David Guetta, Armand van Helden, Paul Oakenfold,, Nile Rodgers, Goldie, Pete Tong, Katy B, Skream and former Home Secretary Michael Howard.

The video is pretty long but well worth it.

Charles Dutton Talks "The Obama Effect" Film

Charles Dutton is fielding hard-hitting questions and accusations about his new film The Obama Effect.People have accused his independent movie of being a Hollywood-financed project. While others question if the film about a man obsessed with getting President Obama elected into office is really a propaganda film.

“I would hope that they would think before they talk,” says the Emmy Award winning director and actor of his skeptics. “If this was a Hollywood financed movie, do they think for a second that we would only be releasing in eight cities? Nor did we go to the Obama cabinet or the Obama super PAC to get money to do the film. There wasn’t a nickel of Hollywood money or Obama money used to produce the film. I didn’t want to be dictated to by a Hollywood studio or the Obama campaign about how I should create and direct a picture about the first black President of The United States.”

In “The Obama Effect,” a serious health scare inspires John Thomas, an insurance salesman in his 50s (played by Dutton), to take a closer look at his life. Motivated by a misguided obsession with getting Barack Obama elected, John takes on overwhelming involvement in the presidential campaign. While John becomes obsessed with the ideal of change that Obama represents for Americans, he has neglected to create positive change in his own life, particularly with regard to his health and familial relationships. Also in the film is Vanessa Bell Calloway, Kat Williams, Wesley Jonathan, Megan Good and Glynn Turman.

“I didn’t want to make it a serious film because I never viewed the election as a heavy situation. I wanted to have fun with it. We have people coming out of theatre in tears, remembering where they were the night it was announced that we had our first African-American president,” he says. “We captured that in the film. So, I guess I’m tied to cinematic history with the first black president, and in that regard I’m very excited and very proud.”

Ultimately, Dutton expects the film to both entertain and make people think.

24 Hours of LUV with Common

Photo Credit: Steven Taylor

"LUV co-writer/director Sheldon Candis likes to describe his film as a “driller” — part drama, part thriller." Common starred in the independent film LUV, which premiered during this year's Sundance Film Festival. For his latest role, the Chi-town MC plays an ex-con and uncle of an orphan; a role in which we've never seen Common.

Acting since 2002, Common is no stranger to the big screen. In the upcoming year, Common is featured in the new Disney Film, The Odd Life of Timothy Green; a fantasy drama directed by Peter Hedges. Common is breaking all barriers between rappers becoming actors.

24 Hours of LUV at Sundance

Photo Credit: Steven Taylor

Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington and Samuel L. Jackson to Star in "Django Unchained"

As if there weren't enough surprises at the BET Awards, Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington unleashed the trailer to their new film, Django Unchained. The film is bound to be a hit with some of today's admirable actors and its western but modern feel. From Leonardo DiCaprio to Super Bad star Jonah Hill, Django Unchained isn't the average film with a mediocre cast.

Quentin Tarantino, the writer and director, is known for his films such as Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, and Reservoir Dogs that sparked controversy because of the extreme violence portrayed in each film. Django Unchained is set to premier December 2012.

Here's Django Unchained: The Movie Trailer