LeSean Thomas shares failing his way to success



LeSean Thomas is a celebrated Pop-Artist with a Hip Hop/ Anime-driven aesthetic that is praised by industry veterans and fans of the genre. His most notable work was on the Award-winning show “The Boondocks”.

This video is from TEDxSinchon, where he gets the chance to speak on his successful failure and how he got to where he is today.

Wait patiently for the third installment of LeSean’s awesome documentary series Seoul Sessions, which has been delayed by the hectic production schedule of Black Dynamite which airs Sunday nights on Adult Swim.

Maruma House By Fernanda Canales

In a city with almost 20 million inhabitants, the project became a way to explore the fiction of individuality as well as to deal with disguised luxury.blocks of glass and concrete overlap one another at this house in Mexico City by architect Fernanda Canales. Glazed walls have been positioned on the longer side elevations rather than at the front and back to screen the interior spaces from neighbouring properties and the adjacent street. Concrete walls behind the glazed parts of the exterior conceal the kitchen on the ground floor, as well as bathrooms and dressing rooms on the two stories above.


Swarovski Inspired Furniture

Eyal Burstein’s thought provoking conceptual work for Design Miami/Basel stands out for its ability to shed new light on the divide between design and art. The collection features a Plexiglass bench, along with three cast-concrete and metal chairs. All design pieces, part of which are handmade art and part machine product design, have been greatly influenced by the classic Swarovski Chaton-cut crystal’s shape.

Burstein's states, “Working with Swarovski Crystal Palace has provided new horizons for me to explore and has been a fertile ground for a free flow of ideas. In creating Beta I’ve had the opportunity to continue challenging the bureaucracy that distinguishes between art and design, compromising the opportunities for innovation."

PMK + Designers Presents Lai Residence

In Kaohsiung City, Taiwan has been put forward by design firm PMK+Designers. This penthouse consists of light tones and a diversely designer interior characterize the space. A common room on the first floor is the primary living area, which connects seamlessly to an outside patio. Additional rooms consist of a master bedroom upstairs, master bath and separate private study. The mixture of metal, wood and concrete Materials such as metal, concrete and wood add an appealing raw element to the apartment.