It took author Suzette Webb five years to write her memoir, Blues to Blessings: from Fearful to Faithful. Three of her biggest challenges were “finding the inner peace to tell my story in such raw detail,” time and motivation. Pure perseverance played out in her favor.

“In our lives, we all have the beautiful parts and the ugly parts. We have become a society of reality TV watchers where we like to see everyone else’s ugliness. However, there is beauty, strength and endurance in those ugly parts,” Webb says.

With Blues to Blessings, her biggest goal is to turn millions of souls toward God.

“My first book – Moments of Truth is book of affirmations was written nearly 18 years ago. The second affirmation in the book was titled “Blues to Blessings,” which is the title of my current book, my spiritual memoir.

Read an excerpt here.