Social media has been buzzing these past couple of weeks since Bishop T.D. Jakes’ lifeclass on OWN. During a recent airing of “Oprah’s Lifeclass,” Bishop Jakes commented “We live in so much noise that we don’t have time to hear what’s coming out of inside you.”

This revelation followed a conversation among a zoologist, a Zulu and Bishop Jakes while on a safari. The zoologist enlightened Bishop Jakes about the habitats, biology and the mating practices for every animal in their sight but when he started explaining the elephant, it was nowhere to be found.

Before the day ended, “The Zulu stood up and said, ‘The elephant is over there.’ And when he said it, bells went off in my head. Because all of a sudden, I realize I am seated between intellect and instinct. Intellect can explain it, but instinct can find it.”

“All of my life flashed before me in the most incredible way,” he says. “Intelligence may load the gun—but instinct pulls the trigger.”

Last week, this writer had a one-on-one interview with Bishop Jakes to discuss his latest book,Instinct: The Power to Unleash Your Inborn Drive, which was the subject of the life class.

When asked what inspired him to write the book that had the audience stirred up and has been a hot trending topic on social media, he shares, “I wrote this book because I thought was an important subject for people to identify their own instinct, what is organically inside all of us, how we can better utilize our lives and our time on earth when we follow our instinctive, inborn drive and allow it to guide us in our career choices, the decisions we make as entrepreneurs.”

He continues, “Every aspect of our life is affected by who we are, whether we are extroverts and introverts, and whether we work better in crowds or isolation … rather than try to contort yourself.