Barneys has launched a new lipstick by makeup and fragrance genius Serge Luten. Serge made waves in the 1990s when he took over the Japanese makeup company Shiseido. The campaigns combined the world of high fashion editorials and makeup. He was also hired by Vogue to do makeup, accessories, and fragrance. Christian Dior hired Luten to develop a line of makeup, as well.

Barneys continues to honor the legacy of great fashion by introducing this new refillable lipstick. The initial tube is $75 and the refills are $55. As fashionistas, it is important we have one splurge item. Instead of shoes or a great handbag, we say, extend your thinking and the way you shop. Take a break from Louboutins or Giusseppes and start to expand your knowledge of great fashion and luxe makeups. It lends to the rich feeling you get when your whole outfit is perfect from head to toe. High-end products are worth every penny in ingredients and durability. For women already wearing Chanel lip colors, some tubes start at $55 … so this may fall into the same line.