Archibald Motley 3
Archibald Motley was the catalyst for Chicago’s art renaissance. Motley’s impressionistic jazz and lifestyle paintings have an aura of happiness. They convey an image of Blacks during one of the most prolific and artistic moments in the history of art culture and the African American expression.

A native of New Orleans, Motley has some of the moss culturally diverse art, depicting a lifestyle others wouldn’t have known existed. His use of expression, body poses, gestures, hues, and colors (royal purple and red) make the figures appear larger than life.

Motley’s generous use of expression is poignant, brilliant, and beautiful unlike Jacob Lawrence’s stoic figures that tell a different story. Motley brings life to ideas, imaginary and even intimate places that are inviting. It’s a voyeur’s dream. Enjoy Motley at the Chicago Museum now through August 31, 2015.