AfriCOBRA: Art and Impact opens at The DuSable Museum of African American History on Friday, July, 26th. This very special exhibit, honors the Chicago artist group, AfriCOBRA (African Commune of Bad Relevant Artists). 

According to the DuSable’s website:

AFRICOBRA: Art and Impact. The exhibition at the DuSable Museum (July 26–September 29, 2013), is curated by Arlene Turner Crawford, visual artist, with Charles Bethea, Chief Operating Officer and Curator of DuSable. This chapter will document how AFRICOBRA flourished and influenced other artists in Chicago—artists who became official members of the group, and other artists who exhibited work in AFRICOBRA shows. In addition to founding members, these artists include Napoleon Jones-Henderson, Nelson Stevens, Carolyn Lawrence, Frank Smith, Murry DePillars, Sherman Beck and Omar Lama. The exhibition will assert the major impact of AFRICOBRA on the visual arts in Chicago, particularly on the South Side, in the period of the Black Arts Movement. AFRICOBRA artists committed themselves to the principles of social responsibility, artistic excellence, local artistic involvement and the promotion of pride in Black self-identity. The works selected for this exhibition will highlight the continuing development of “positive images,” focusing on AFRICOBRA’s aesthetic vocabulary and pursuing its key themes of self-determination, African heritage and solidarity, as well as the inspiration of music on the visual arts.

The exhibit ends September 29, 2013.